Taliya Schneider

Taliya Schneider is a wife, aspiring mother and a full-time singer-songwriter of  her most recent album 'In The Name Of Love', available now for listening on AmazonMP3: http://bit.do/TaliyaSchneider-AmazonMP3 

Taliya has been featured worldwide on T.V. (CBS13), Radio (XM Satellite Radio, BBC Radio, Radio Espania, etc'), & the printed media ('Hollywood Reporter', 'Telegraph').

As a healer, ordained minister, lover of Angels and a metaphysicist, International Singer-Songwriter, Taliya Schneider, is dedicated to creating soothing, serene, reflective original music which lifts one's spirit, warms one's soul and envelopes the listener with a true celestial ambiance, which lingers beyond place and time...

Imagine the sounds of haunting, ethereal vocals along with reflective, healing and yet empowering lyrics, enveloping your soul and quenching your spirit with beautifully soothing melodies...

Taliya lives happily with her husband Ryan, a talented writer and full-time novelist, in Orlando, Fl .

Enjoy a free sample of Taliya's music AmazonMP3: http://bit.do/TaliyaSchneider-AmazonMP3 

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